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April 13, 2012 at 4:02pm

For all the Atlantic Ideas Festival bullshit about Twitter becoming a force for global political change—which is such a weird fantasy anyway: “So great is the power of American innovation,” it goes, “that our magical paradigm-exploding technology can help un-fuck what our politicians have fucked up and will continue to fuck up”—this particular technology does work pretty well at approximating the presence of other people in a way that most other social networking technologies don’t.

That this translates to Twitter being used most and probably best in the service of nonsense and amusement isn’t surprising, and it certainly isn’t a knock on Twitter—amusing nonsense is a lot of what our actual friends provide, for one thing, and contra the puckery Jonathan Franzen types there isn’t really an actual conflict between 138 goofy characters and 1,380 well-considered words or 380 well-written pages; we will not see Twitter replace the novel, or whatever, at least among people who might actually read a novel. Twitter feels like, and is made of, people. This can be why it’s unbearable, when it’s unbearable. It is also why it can be great. People are like that, after all.


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